Handing over the keys

My lease ended on my trailblazer yesterday. I drove to the dealer, handed over the keys and walked away. I’m not happy. I’m actually quite mad. Never in my life did I imagine that I would be in this position someday. I didn’t get to turn it in and lease something new. I didn’t turn it in knowing that in a few days or weeks we would look around and get something else. Nope. Just turned it in.

I’m not without transportation. We have a dump truck for the business, a used F-250 that we bought last month for the business and a leased F-350 that we are getting raped on. Because the mowing season is under way, there are two trucks on the road at all times. This leaves a truck for me. The F-350. It’s leased and currently over miles. It’s dirty (it was used primarily for the business for the past 1 1/2 years). It’s huge. It’s loud (diesel). It’s not mine. It was purchased for my husband to drive. Now I’m driving it because I don’t have my own vehicle any more.

This is only one thorn in my side. There are many, many more. Stay tuned.


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