No more dish

Well, I guess 3 months is as long as you can go without paying your cable before they turn you off. Yup. Came home from camping Sunday night and there was no more cable tv.

Talked to hubby for a few minutes while I was working on other things. Told him that we should do some major cutbacks. Sell some things. Dump some loans. Explained to him that even though he is starting to make money, by the time we get caught up on our bills, we won’t have any money saved for winter. Surprisingly, he agreed.

So, it doesn’t really hurt my feelings that the cable got shut off. Just saved me a step. Plus, it was an opportunity to get my hubby on board with my get-out-of-debt-and-save-our-lives plan. We never really discussed finances before. Just lived day to day buying what we wanted (usually on credit). I think this will be good for us. Besides, maybe if there is less stress in my life we can finally get pregnant.

¬†Anybody want to buy a camper? It’s pretty nice. Only selling it for what we owe.