Lust. It’s such a sensual word. It brings to mind intense desire. It’s dangerous.

 There are 37days until p-day. That’s party day. As in the surprise birthday party i’m hosting at my house for my mom’s 5oth birthday celebration. My mum has never had a surprise birthday party, or even an elaborate get-together to toast any special occasion in her life. This is really special. I’ve been planning this party in my head for years, and planning on paper for the past 7 months. Although I haven’t spent very much money (yet) preparing for this party, the moment my mum is surprised will be a priceless memory.

 Here’s the problem. My digital camera (R.I.P) died about a year ago. It was not an extremely fancy camera, but took nice pictures and was easy to transfer to the computer. Since we don’t have any kids, there was never a rush to get the camera fixed. Well, now my mum’s birthday is coming up and i need a new camera to record every precious moment. I’ve been looking all over the internet to find the very best deal. I have found a camera on (my favorite online store) that is perfect. I’ve been lusting for this camera for about a month or so. It’s turned into an obsession. I check on it every couple of days to see if maybe by chance they’ve decided to close out that model and sell it to me dirt cheap. No dice.

Where oh where can i come up with the $250 to buy this camera? The American Dream is not complete without a scrapbook worthy photo to remember the occasion.


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