There are now 31 days until my mum’s surprise birthday party and i am freaking out. I had wanted to have so much more accomplished before this stage in the planning process. The funds that should have been flowing in by now aren’t. I should look at the bright side, it is only the 6th. There is no reason to start panicking until next week.

In the meantime, i’ve been getting a lot of other things out of the way. Moving furniture, painting the garage, weeding, planting flowers, cleaning, stuff like that. I’ve also decided to start buying things as they’re on sale and put them aside for the party. Stuff like pop, garbage bags, you know the kind of stuff that can sit around for a while.

Invitations have been sent. Well, most of them anyway. There are a few people who need to get back to me with addresses. I’m not too concerned. As long as they’re mailed by this weekend, i’ll be happy.

It’s official. We’re having a party.


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