My situation does not seem to be improving like i hoped it would. I need some hardcore solutions. I’ve asked my boss for a performance review, but i’m not holding my breath on a raise. The company is on shaky ground, and i’m not sure the doors will be open next month. But for the record, i truly deserve a nice raise. I’ve taken on another position in addition to my own due to an employee quitting. Instead of hiring someone to replace him, they just gave all his responsibilities to me. And i don’t even make as much as he did. And i’m doing my work and his. Hmmmmm….

The hubby’s business is very busy, but not generating the revenue i had hoped for at this point. I’ve been working on a business plan so that we can apply for a business loan, but deep inside i don’t really want more debt. Debt is not going to solve a debt problem. If we raise prices, we won’t get the work. It’s a double edge sword. Be really busy and make some money, or quote the job for what it’s worth and watch the company down the street do the work.

I’ve sent my resume to a company that is building a new plant near my home. I’m skittish about doing a serious job search because i really do love my job. It’s close to home (7.5 miles @ $3.35/gal). This is a major advantage. All the good jobs are at least 20-30 miles away. I would have to take out a loan to fill my gas tank to get to work everyday.  i have insurance for me and my husband. Pretty good insurance and cheap for me.  i make a decent salary – even though i am still underpaid. I’m not saying there aren’t jobs out there that i can get equal or better salary and benefits. It’s just that i’m scared. Jobs are fleeing Michigan like the plague is here and i feel secure in my job – as long as it’s around.

 We’ve already cut up the credit cards and pay cash for everything. We stopped using credit cards last April and enrolled in a credit counseling program last October. So, although we are making some progress paying down our credit card debt, we are paying the least amount possible and can’t cut it down or skip payments.

 Maybe i should get a second job or do some work on the side. Although i don’t have a lot of extra time, it would just be temporary until we get caught up on a few things. What to do? What to do….


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