Overdraft fees. What a freakin scam. Yesterday morning i made a deposit into my checking account – from another account at the same bank. Yesterday afternoon i had to do some shopping and used my debit card as a credit so that it would hit the bank today just to be safe. What do you suppose i saw when i checked my account online this morning? EIGHT f*&!@%g overdraft charges!!! Are you kidding me? I transfered money from one account to another AT THE SAME BANK and they did not post the deposit until the next day. What a joke. I expect a thank you card in the mail from the bank president for funding his kids college education – at Harvard.

 So let me get this right. I deposit money in my account today and it will be available anytime from tomorrow to a week from now. But any purchase i make today shows up on my account before i get that purchase home. Can this be legal? They are holding my own money hostage. Then i get whacked with a $34 fee PER ITEM for them not properly posting my deposit.

Just when i think things are looking up, i get kicked in the groin again. I’m throwing in the towel. Tapped out. I give up because i just can’t win. It’s impossible.


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