Looking Up

Well, i’d like to say that things are looking up recently.

“Looking Up”. What exactly does that phrase mean? I’d like to think of it as looking up and seeing your blessings and not your problems. Looking up and seeing your talents, not your downfalls. Looking up and seeing the finish line and not your feet. Looking up to see the goal, and not the path.

If you talk to a farmer, he’ll tell you the secret of getting the perfectly straight rows you see stretching for miles and miles. He’ll tell you that when you start your row, set your sights on an object directly in front of you at the other end of the field. As long as you never take your eyes off that object, you’ll have a perfectly straight row.


Sounds like a life lesson to me. I’ve been getting tangled up in my feet and looking around so that i’ve lost sight of my goal. I’ve been getting so wrapped up with what’s going on around me that i don’t even know which direction i’m pointing in. I guess that sometimes in life your path will have rocks and ruts and sometimes an overhanging branch will scrape your face. These things are minor and you will go past them. The important thing to remember is which direction you’re facing and to make sure you’re looking up to see the gate at the end of the path.


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