Although things seem to be going well, i am hesitant to start breathing easy. We are far from getting caught up with the bills, but at least money is starting to come in and we can start paying some of what we owe. I can’t help but feel like we’re just floating along in the sea of debt. At this time, we’re clinging to a life raft but we’re miles away from reaching shore. I look forward to the day when our feet will reach the bottom and we can start walking to shore.

We desperately need some rain around these parts. The grass is starting to dry up. I had the sprinkler on all weekend trying to keep my flowers alive. Good thing we have a well. I could never afford to live in the city. The biggest concern, however, is that the grass will dry up and not need to be mowed. That’s going to put a serious pinch in our operations. No labor = no payroll = less expenditures. However, no work = no revenue = no paycheck for us either. Fortunately there’s rain in the forecast on Wednesday. I pray, pray, pray that it will rain.


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