I wish every month had 5 paydays in it. Since i get paid every Friday, 4 months a year i get to enjoy an “extra” paycheck. This really helps get caught up on bills that have been getting a little behind. This Friday will be my 5th paycheck this month. YAY!

Unfortunately, because my husband is self-employed, he gets paid “whenever”. So in reality, I don’t get an “extra” paycheck. My check is usually used for things for the business (paying the help, getting gas, buying materials, fixing the equipment, etc). I know you’re asking yourself: Why doesn’t the business pay for those expenses? Well, unfortunately we need these things now, not “whenever”. So, i guess eventually it will catch up and i will get reimbursed. I hope.

It sure is dry around here. It rained yesterday for a little while, but i think it might be too little too late. The grass is completley dead in some areas and homeowners are calling and cancelling their service. On the other hand, it is a good time to get caught up on those other projects (installing mulch, trimming trees, planting trees, etc) without paying extra labor.

All i know is that i refuse to go through another winter like last year. Something big is going to need to happen to assure a worry-free winter.

By the way, i finally had my performance review. As expected, i am an outstanding employee who has taken a lot of positive initiative in the past year and was instrumental in making improvements in the office and in the shop. My interpersonal skills have improved and i’m a pleasure to work with and for. I have done an outstanding job taking over the position of purchasing. Unfortunately, there is no monetary reward for all of my outstandingness. What really sucks is i make less money than the person whose job i aquired. I know i need to find a new job. Michigan is not a fantastic place to look for a new job. I feel like i’m stuck and i don’t like it.


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