Looooooooooong week off….

Boy has it been a busy week. Last week was shutdown at my plant so i had the whole week off from work. We didn’t get to go anywhere on vacation and it’s a good thing. It ended up being a pretty crazy week.

Hubby’s grandpa went to his heart doctor for a regular checkup and ended up going to the hospital for all kinds of tests. Apparently he was 6 units short of blood and the doctor didn’t know where it was going. As it turned out, they discovered cancer in his colon and he had to have surgery to remove it. He is still in the hospital recovering from the surgery. He needs to start chemotherapy in 3-4 weeks. Hubby and his grandpa are extremely close. It’s a good thing we live right next door cuz hubby usually stops down at least once a day to chat.

Hubby’s sister is due any day with her baby. We are all anxiously awaiting the arrival of the little one. At least there is this little ray of sunshine to brighten up everyone’s mood.

My mum’s party was spectacular. Everyone showed up on time and had a great time. I ended up not making the cake myself. I took the picture up to the local cake shop and they made it for me. I just had to put on the chocolate truffles and bon-bons. For anyone who loves chocolate, this would have been the perfect cake. My mom LOVES chocolate and about flipped out of her chair when she saw the cake. The scrapbook movie turned out great and everyone enjoyed looking at all the old family pictures. My mom cried, of course. We took about 150 pictures with our new camera – and they turned out wonderful. Mission accomplished.

The camper ordeal has come to an end – i think. We received a letter that our camper was going to be auctioned off unless we made a payment before the date of the auction. After running around and around trying to make a payment, we ended up finding out that it was too late to make a payment. Once they repossess the camper, they write it off. They were just trying to get more money out of us. How rude. Fortunately we were able to collect all of our personal belongings out of there. After more run around, we were told we had until 4:00 to collect our stuff before the auction. Hubby had to leave the hospital during his grandpa’s surgery and race down there. He got our stuff, and found out there was no auction. Another trick. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr….

AND finally, we need rain. Desperately. The grass is not growing, and the weeds are barely hanging on. We really need to have a good summer (financially) to get through the winter. So, let’s pray – pray – pray for rain!!!