Get moving!

Okay, so here’s the thing. I want to make an appointment with my fertility specialist, but i don’t want to because i haven’t lost any weight since the last time i was there. Plus, our financial situation is exactly stable. Do you think it’s possible that subconciously i’m afraid to lose weight becuase i might get pregnant and i’m not ready for that (financially)? Am i self-sabotaging my efforts?

On the other hand, maybe getting pregnant would kick hubby into the next gear. Don’t get me wrong. He works his ass off. He is successful in many ways. I’m just sad that the lack of rain over the past few weeks has chopped our sales nearly in half. Not only does that kabosh our future cash flow, now we need to play catch up or get some additional side work to cover the lack of income in those weeks. I’ve suggested to him that perhaps some training in a skilled trade may pay off when work is slow – like the winter. He brushed me off, but the idea has been planted.

Anyway, i’m straying off topic. Alright, i know. Quit whining and do something. I think i’ll go for a walk right now. Tonight, i’ll fix a healthy dinner and go for another walk. I’m so out of shape. I know i’ll feel better once i start working out. I just need the kick in the booty to do it!


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