Labor Day Weekend

Normally, hubby and i go camping on labor day weekend. Since we no longer have the camper, that wasn’t really an option this year. But that’s okay.

I got out of work late on Friday. It was the last day of our fiscal year and we had to do inventory. I decided to help, since they’re doing it for me. Hubby worked late finishing up so his guys didn’t have to work the weekend.

Saturday i woke up at 5am to get ready for the garage sale at my SIL’s house. So, i get up, get in the shower and i’m drying my hair when i see headlights and flashlights moving around behind my house. Now would be a good time to tell you that we live on a farm and there is nothing but fields behind my house for about 3/4 mile and then there’s a tree lined fence row. The lights were about halfway between my house and the fence row. So, anyway i naturally freak out (cuz i wasn’t even dressed yet) and wake up my hsuband. He jumps out of bed and looks out the window. He says don’t worry, they’re just hunting geese. Apparently, his grandpa had told someone they could hunt out there and i didn’t know. Well, that got me off to a start. I finished getting ready and headed off to my SIL’s house.

Every few years or so my SIL and i do a garage sale at her house. She lives in a subdivision in a city so there’s a lot better chance of selling stuff. This year we did it Saturday and Sunday. I didn’t have a whole lot of stuff to get rid of, but i made $71. Better than a sharp stick in the eye.

Sunday night my mom and dad invited us over for a barbeque. I thought it was just going to be us, my grandma and grandpa and my brothers. Well, it turned out some relatives were in town from Illinois and they were there. My brother invited a few of his friends over. By midnight, it was a pretty crazy party. People kept coming. One of my husband’s friends stopped by. Someone decided to start a bonfire, which was cool. Someone else decided to throw some semi-truck tires on it. Not cool. I don’t even know where the tires came from. I think (I hope) my mom and dad were in bed and sleeping by then. It was nice to see a lot of people from school that i haven’t seen in forever. We finally left about 2am.

There are some other crazy reports about what happened that night, but i’ll save that for another day until after i talk to my mom. I want to find out what she knows first.

Monday was glorious. I slept in, made a nice breakfast and hung out in my jammies until about 2 o’clock. I watched lots of movies and hung out on the couch taking naps once in a while. By Monday night i was re-energized and got lots of housework done. I haven’t been able to do that in a long time and it felt nice to have a clean house and have not only clean laundry, but clean laudry folded and put away.

Financially, i think we may be headed in the right direction again. At least we’ve laid down the shovels. My husband secured a nice contract for both summer and winter maintenance for a condo subdivision in a nearby town. He makes a set fee every month whether it snows or not and whether the grass grows or not. YES!

Stay tuned for more adventures in my boring life.


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