Well, just when i start to think that things are finally looking up, i get a letter from the mortgage company. They have started forclosure paperwork on our house. F*!K. Panic mode has officially set in. I absolutely positively cannot lose my house. We cannot sell it either. I need an answer – and quick.

This kind of makes me mad (other than the obvious) because i contacted them over a month ago about doing a “loan modification” on our current mortgage. They said don’t worry, we don’t want your house. send us this stuff and we’ll get back with you. Well, that got back with me in the form of a forclosure letter. What’s up with that?

I don’t know what to do. I’m kind of frozen in time, but time hasn’t stopped. I need to unfreeze and take action. What action, i don’t know. i need help. HELP!!!


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