New love

Last night i worked at the bowling alley again. You know, at first i thought i would dread having this job. I wouldn’t be home to get my chores done (laundry, dinner, cleaning, etc). I wouldn’t be available to do other things (shopping, dinner, friends, etc). Plus i was only seeking additional work to help pay the bills. Nobody wants to work if they have to. But you know what, i really like this job. For 3 hours a night i get to escape my home phone ringing, i’m not laying around the house lazily, and i get to get out and socialize. The job itself is mindless. All i have to do is take an order, make the food, and serve it. There are no deadlines, micromanaging upper crust management, e-mail demands, intellectually challanged employees, or reports.

For a few hours a night, i get to work freely – without responsibilities and headaches. Plus, i’m getting paid cash so i don’t even have to deal with any paperwork. I love it!


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