Close Call (Too close for comfort)

What a crazy weekend. Friday night we went out with friends to our favorite local watering hole. I only had one drink, but had a really good time laughing and telling stories with our friends. We have some really great friends and it’s nice to let yourself go and have fun once in a while. For a few hours a week, i can push all my worries to the back of my brain and be a decent human being.

Later that night (morning) we were sleeping and hubby’s cell phone rang. It’s 2:00am. This can’t be good. It’s hubby’s dad. Grandpa isn’t feeling well and they’ve called the ambulance. Oh shit. Hubby throws on the clothes he just took off a few hours ago and rushes next door to see what’s going on.

I stayed home (to pray) and paced anxiously. I looked out the window at their house. Every light is on. I wonder how long they waited before calling someone, how bad he must feel to not only call and wake up the family (neighbors) but to also call an ambulance. For a few anxious minutes that seemed like hours, i thought it was the end of the story. The end of an era.

The Lord decided it was not yet time. Hubby helped the EMT bring grandpa downstairs and into the ambulance. And off to the hospital they all went.

Apparently the chemo, other medication, lack of proper nutrition (apparently everything he ate the past 3 weeks came back up), and low potassium was a bad mixture. In not so many words, the doctor said he came to the hospital just in time.

For a few minutes early Saturday morning, I thought it was all over. I dreaded the phone call that I know will eventually come. Hubby and his grandpa are extremely close and i know that the end will be the hardest thing hubby will ever have to go through. House going through foreclosure, truck almost re-possessed, camper actually repossessed – no big deal. No more grandpa? Unfathomable.

I don’t want to think about it, but i need to learn how to handle this before it happens. I need to figure out how to be there for not only hubby, but the rest of the family. I’m not a very emotional person so i’m not good at this sort of thing. But, when the time comes, i want to be ready – for everyone.


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