Day One

Looking back through my previous posts, i realized i live a pretty depressing life. We’re avoiding foreclosure on our home, the truck was almost re-po’d, my dog got run over, hubby’s grandpa is touch-n-go with his health, the camper was re-po’d, i’m overweight and infertile, my hubby is driving me crazy with his “que sera sera” attitude and i’m sure i’m missing a few more exciting events from this summer.

But, you know what? I don’t care. Because i know i’m better than that. Today i realized that for the past few months i have been caught up in a whirlwind of bad luck and i don’t like it. So, today is day one. Today i will start looking for a new (higher paying, more intellectually challenging) job. Today i will significantly reduce my carbohydrate and most importantly simple starch intake. Today i will take charge of my life and stop letting things happen to me. Today i will make things happen. Today i’m taking the bull by the horns and moving forward.

I know where i want to go, i just need to put my butt in gear and make that first step.


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