la low carb vida

Okay, well i’ve made the first step. I have cut carbs out of my life. This is the second day of living la low carb vida and it’s not so bad. Of course, i will eventually run into a temptatious piece of garlic bread or the enevitable birthday cake. But for now i’m okay.

The trick is to have food made up ahead of time. So, i went to the grocery store and bought all kinds of low carb food. I made turkey and cream cheese rolled up snacks, celery with a little bit of peanut butter, and i cooked some sausage and scrambled eggs and put it the fridge to warm up for breakfast. My fridge looks like a tupperware warehouse. But, i won’t be tempted to grab a high carb high fat ready to eat snack.

The next step will be to start working out. At least 30 minutes a day. Someday.


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