crossed fingers

Well, our mortgage loan modification plan was submitted to the underwriters 2 weeks ago today. Our representative told me to call back in two weeks to find out what the new terms are. I am hoping, praying, and crossing my fingers that they come back with a fantastic deal. A lower interest rate than i expected would be a nice outcome, or that they reset the loan to 30 years with our now lower principal, heck let’s hope for 40. I’m young. Hopefully, next Wednesday will be the last time i have to send a wire transfer payment at the 11.45% rate. I am looking forward to a pleasant December payment. I believe in the power of positive thinking!!

Also, today starts Day 5 of my new life. My low carb life that is. Surprisingly, i have been waking up with lots of energy and ambition. Guess that goes to further support the whole “you are what you eat” idea. I haven’t had the courage to step on the scale to see how i’m doing – for fear that i’m not. I haven’t cheated, but i haven’t been exercising either. Last time i did this, i lost 20 lbs in one month but i was exercising every other day. It was also a very stable time in my life. Now, i’m stressed out about many things. I’m also afraid to look at the scale for fear that it hasn’t budged and that will derail my motivation. We’re are going out with friends tonight so i have all day to figure out what i’m going to eat and talk myself out of eating anything else.


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