Good News

I used to complain that my life is boring and predictable. Boy have the tables turned! Hubby and i spent Thanksgiving weekend in Tennessee with his family. We have been very spoiled in having spent every single holiday with both of our families. This year, we had to agonize and make the grueling choice to spend the holiday with hubby’s family. Hubby’s grandpa is still in the hospital down there and the whole family (except the SIL and her family) drove down to have Thanksgiving with Grandpa.

It was a wonderful time. Grandpa has been improving steadily day by day and will soon be strong enough to move to a rehabilitation center where they will work with him everyday to get him back on his feet. Hubby’s family is absolutely wonderful. We stayed at his aunt’s house and although she is extremely busy with her job, she made us the most delicious breakfast and supper everyday. She is truly SuperWoman.

We drove back yesterday and got home about 11:30pm our time. Hubby plans to go back down later this week and hopefully grandma will come home for a few days. She desperately needs some time off from the hospital routine. She has lost so much weight and her emotional state is on the fringe. I hope she comes home to get her bearings and gather up some strength for the days ahead.

While we were at the hospital one day, i happened to overhear hubby’s aunt talking to a colleague. Apparently, grandpa was 48 hours away from dying when he was at the hospital here. If he had not been transported to Tennessee and properly treated, he would not be here with us today. I had no idea the extent of his troubles and i will cherish this Thanksgiving holiday for the rest of my life. Thank you, Lord, for letting us have him a little while longer.


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