Well, it’s been a few days since i’ve had any free time. Last Sunday we discovered that our sump pump wasn’t working properly and our basement flooded. Not horribly – just where all our stuff is stored. It’s an unfinished basement, so picture bare concrete floors and plain block walls. You know, lots of porous surfaces for water to trap itself. We’ve been meaning to clean it for a long time, but if it’s out of sight it’s out of mind i guess.

Sunday turned out to be the day we cleaned the basement. Fortunately, most everything touching the floor was in plastic containers. The only cardboard box on the floor was an old Christmas tree. We don’t have any idea when the basement flooded, so we pitched it just to be safe. Although it sucked that the basement flooded, it was actually kinda nice to get down there and clean everything up. I even washed the windows! Now i’m kinda looking forward to doing some additional improvements down there. Maybe put some waterproofing paint on the walls and floors. Not only will it brighten the space up, it will make the next clean-up a lot easier.

 Work has been a blast. Not really. The past 2 weeks since coming back from the sorta Christmas break have been hell. Two new programs are supposed to be up and running at full production – one of them is in a newly leased building with issues of it’s own. The parts we are shipping have a 70% fallout at the customer. We are scrapping parts like crazy. I can’t get enough material in to keep them running.

My other hat, accounting, has not been touched in at least 4 weeks. No reports, no data entry, no check runs, nada. That’s gonna be a fun job when i finally get around to it. Especially since i’ve been breaking my own rules and ordering stuff without PO’s. Like i’m supposed to remember what i ordered 3 weeks ago. Not to mention the steady stream of people coming in my office asking, demanding items that they need now, not in 5 minutes, not when i get a second, right now. Then, when i track someone down who can get it for me right now, it sits on the dock for a week. Ugh. Oh, did i forget to mention that while i’m on the phone searching for said desired item another person comes in *panicked* looking for same item other *frantic* person is looking for? I can’t get anything done cuz 12 people are bugging me about the same thing. Until it’s the next thing, then another 12 people are worried about antother item.

Well, now i’m on the phone, my cell phone is ringing and my intercom is ringing.

To be continued…


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