and continued…

Well, hubby just called me. He is in the city (big, urban area somewhat near our home, by somewhat i mean 45-60 minutes away) and the truck won’t start. He’s been trying for 1/2 an hour and has worn down the batteries trying to start it. He’s very upset. It’s getting dark, he’s outnumbered (if you know what i mean) in a not so nice part of town, and the truck won’t start. Great. By the way, the truck is only 2 years old. It’s a lease. It’s a hunk of junk. We’ve been trying to turn it in early and get something different, but the value has plummeted and there is roughly a $6,000 difference – not in our favor. Since we haven’t been willing to eat the $6,000 difference, we decided to hang on until the end of the lease when we can just turn it in and start over. I’m not sure that’s the case anymore. This is ridiculous.

On a lighter note (ha ha), I’ve decided that i definately need/want to join a fitness center. I stopped yesterday to check it out. Even though i told everyone i was stopping there, they still called me. Seriously? Can i get 5 minutes to myself to even just talk about working out? I’ve decided that if i join, the phone is getting turned off and left in the truck. That way it can’t be alerted and i won’t think about it.

Anyway, i’ve been looking at pictures from Christmas and such. Yuck. Yuck. and Double yuck. As in double chins yuck. As in Michelin Man yuck. As in ‘seriously, don’t you own a mirror?’ yuck. Yeah, that bad. The scale says i’m the heaviest i have ever been in my entire life. There is a big family wedding coming up in July and i NEED to lose at least 50 lbs before then. Hubby and i have decided that we need to have a baby before anything happens to grandpa. Advancement in the workplace is impeded due to the lack of self confidence. In order to accomplish these things, i must lose weight. I WILL lose weight. i informed hubby last night that i absolutely must join this fitness center. I own a treadmill and elliptical machine but i never use them. Once i get home i lose all momentum. So, if i go directly from work to work out that should work.

Notice: for the time being, i am putting the rest of the world on hold while i concentrate on myself. I just need to come up with the $99 start up fee and $34/month. Guess i better start collecting pop bottles. This is a lot of money for me to be spending right now, but the way i see it, i’m never going to get anywhere in life if i keep sitting on my tush waiting for things to get better.

Till next time…


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