What the hell?

So yesterday during my lunchbreak i am non-chalantly browsing the internet and decide i better check the balances on our checking accounts. Surprisingly (or not), i discover that my husband’s business account is overdrawn and mine will be because hubby hadn’t switched the funds yet. Argh! I’m pissed because 1. he didn’t pay any attention to the balance in his account (again!) and overspent and 2. he didn’t switch the funds over to cover the payment to our credit counseling service like he promised he would. Not to mention i reminded him about it periodically throughout the day.

So now it’s like 3:45, the bank closes at 4:00, and i go into a meeting at work. Apparently hubby decided to go to the bank at the 11th hour to take care of these issues and didn’t take any info with him, like, say, the account numbers. (*?!?*) So i get back to my office at, like, 3:57 and i’m in a hurry cuz i want to get out of work on time and i see there are 2 voicemails on my cell phone and hubby waiting on line 2. Seriously?! He was in a panic because the bank was closing and i wouldn’t answer my cell phone to give him the information he needed to fix the f*!k up he created in the first place. He’s yelling and cussing at me. Seriously? I don’t need that crap.

So, once again, i’m left to pick up the mess. I have to call the credit counseling service and reschedule the payment. I have to pay the $34 NSF fee cuz he didn’t do his job. I have to call all of our creditors (yes, all 9) and tell them the payment will be a few days late. I have to figure out what he did to overspend and fix that mess.

Then, i come into work this morning and find out New Girl has taken a week vacation. Did i mention we just hired her 3 weeks ago? So, once again, i am the one who must cover her responsibilities that i just handed off to her. I haven’t had a day off in almost a year and New Girl who, by the way, is making way more than me is off for a week. (*?!?*) Don’t worry, i’ll be here to pick up the pieces while she’s gone.

It’s what i do.


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