(trying) to live la low-carb vida………

So i’ve been doing low-carb for about 6 weeks or so pretty religiously. Well, up until about a week ago. I don’t know what happened. i splurged on one dinner. a spoiled dinner spilled over into breakfast the next morning and so on. UGH!!! Why can’t i just be good? WHY can’t i stick to it!? It’s really not that hard. Eat things with less than 5 carbs each. duhhhhhhhhh……………………

i was brave enough to weigh myself yesterday. only gained 1.5lbs back. no need to panic. just get back on track and continue on the journey, right? no big deal, right? have i mentioned that i’m an emotional eater? this week has been extremely stressful at work. i also haven’t done my taxes yet. yup, just finished compiling the stuff sunday night. spring is approaching way too fast, there is a ton of stuff i need to do for the lawn biz. our network has completely crashed at work. the weather has caused our internet to flicker on and off………………

sometimes, a small bowl of ice cream solves all the world’s problems – if only for a few precious minutes. it’s not like i do it everyday. why should i have to be punished so severely with all this extra weight??????????????

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