The pursuit of happiness…

This past weekend we had some beautiful weather. Both Saturday and Sunday were sunny and sort of warm. No need for a jacket. I tried to spend a lot of time outside putzing around the yard, picking up twigs and stuff. Hubby was busy working on other projects, so i had quite a bit of time to spend reflecting on my life while i worked. the conclusion, of course, is that there’s something missing. we built this beautiful house with lots of room for lots of kids. we have the right jobs, the right vehicles. there’s just one thing missing: the kids.

i desperately want to start a family. there’s just a few things that stand in my way. obstacle #1: my weight. although not morbidly obese, the extra cushion around my mid-section is compounding my hormone problem. i need to stick to my plan. sometimes it’s hard, but i need to keep the end goal in mind. obstacle #2: finances. well, this is a work in progress. and for the record, we have made a lot of progress. but, we still have a long way to go. by this december, we should be well on our way. and 2.25 years from now we will have our credit cards paid off. that will be a glorious day!!!

well, now that the weather is starting to get nice outside maybe i can add a short walk (or run!) to my fitness routine. i seem to have plateaued, which is really sad because i’ve only lost less than 10 lbs. what’s worse is that it’s weigh day again this saturday! Yikes!

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