Ovulation Revolution

So i’ve been on this medication that’s basically progesterone the last two weeks of my cycle. i’ve been taking it for a few months and have been having “regular” cycles meaning i *cough* (you know) once a month. the purpose of being on this medication is because my hormones are out of whack and when you don’t cycle normally you don’t ovulate. When you don’t ovulate, you don’t *ahem* cycle shall we say. Then things just kinda build up over a period of time. (no pun intended – really!) anyway, taking this medication is basically just to keep things flowing (omg, that slipped too) so to speak until this summer when i planned to start taking medication to help me ovulate. Now let me tell you, i’m not one of those people who get hung up on popping pills or get every side effect listed on the bottle and them some. I just take as directed and move on with my life. Well, these little yellow pills kick my ass. They make me dizzy and then sleepy. Once i’m asleep, i’m out for the count and wake up very tired. So, i try to take them early enough in the evening to not be tired when i wake up, but because they make me dizzy, it’s no fun.

anyway, i told you all that to tell you this. last week was mid-cycle and i felt a little weird. i hadn’t started taking the progesterone yet and i knew it was way off to be starting a cycle. my irregular cycles are always longer, not shorter. so, i thought hmmm, maybe i’m ovulating? probably not, but maybe. So i took an over-the-counter ovulation test and OMG I WAS OVULATING!!! i was so excited i did cartwheels! ok, not really but i really was that excited. So, we’ll see. I didn’t tell my hubby cuz he gets all tweaked out when you say anything about anything even remotely having to do with women’s cycles. but, hopefully, some carefully planned chukka-chukka will result in a baby. i’m not getting my hopes up though. it’s not guaranteed. just cuz you ovulated doesn’t mean you’ve conceived.

Say a prayer for me though. i’m really hoping!!! (but not really)


Long Time Gone

Wow. I guess i didn’t realize it had been so long since my last post. So many things to tell, so little space…

First off, and most importantly, our finances seem to be stabilizing. Thanks to God for all the snowstorms over the winter. For the first time, we have money to go into the lawn season. Don’t be silly, though. I didn’t say we have “extra” money. Bills are still getting paid only when the disconnect notice comes. I don’t have the option of skipping a house payment or credit counselor payment. This eats up the vast majority of our income. Also, knock on wood, we haven’t had to buy new equipment or make costly repairs to get the season going.

Number 2. ha ha. Dieting and exercising is not going as well as anticipated. Although i am back on track going to the fitness center 3-5 times a week, sticking to low carb is really hard. i’ve been trying to exert myself more at home. i’m not seeing big numbers on the scale, but i have noticed that i am down to the last hole on my belt. so, i must be losing inches. that’s too bad – i’m more of a numbers person! no, no. i need to understand that it is still progress. it just still feels like such a long way to go. i want to be skinny, pretty, and have gorgeous skin NOW!! hmmmmm… my wand must be broken…..

Babies. I have been taking my prescribed progesterone pills as directed. I now enjoy (ha!) regular monthly cycles. Actually i do. For the first time i can look at a calendar and see when my cycle will begin. It’s just the cramping and fluids that i am having trouble getting used to. the cramps are very minor, but for someone who’s never had them, it’s strange and uncomfortable and yet i look forward to it because it makes me NORMAL. Anyway, i am sticking hard to the first 2 goals because come hell or high water i want to be pregnant before the end of summer!!!!!

I am proud to say we have finally moved into the new fire hall. Hubby and the rest of the crew are ecstatic – for the most part. Some of the officers have been difficult for whatever reason and bringing down the rest of the team. Regardless, they are in their new home and plans for hosting an open house are underway. The wife of a fellow FF and i are hoping to be able to participate in the planning and hosting of the open house. we have tons of great ideas and are ready and willing to do the work. Due to the aforementioned officers, hereby known as fuddyduddys, i’m not sure that will happen. you see, they’re pretty old school. they don’t want any attention. they jsut want to do their job and go home. also, they really don’t want to put forth any extra effort. And they dislike women+fire dept. Especially women trying to run their show. WAH!