here we go

The past few weeks have been kinda crazy. Hubby’s grandpa has been going back to the doctor regularly. Apparently they found another spot of cancer. And now they are talking about starting chemo again. Hubby and i talked and decided that it’s time to turn to drugs to try to get pregnant before anything happens to his grandpa.

So, today i had an appointment and we are going to try femara. i haven’t lost any weight, well i did but then i gained it all back. carbs suck. anyway, i talked to the doctor and she said it was perfectly fine to continue doing low carb even during pregnancy. so, since i’m one of those people who work better under extreme pressure, i’m thinking this might be the best way for me to lose weight and stick to low carb once and for all.

here it is, the moment we’ve all been waiting for. i hope this works!


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