What to do?

Things are getting pretty tense at work. We have recently been awarded several big jobs that start in a few weeks. That’s great news right? Well, somehow, the powers that be seem to have forgotton one very important thing. Although these jobs will bring in some big cash, we need to buy tooling, materials, and labor now. I’ve been doing projections since we’ve been awarded these jobs and showing a gaping black hole for a few months until the cash starts coming in and the payables level out. Apparently either nobody has looked at them or hasn’t cared.

This makes me really mad. Now i’m the one left wringing wet, sweating it out how we’re going to make payroll each week and balancing the demands from our vendors. Who will really stop shipping if we’re past due? Who won’t bother us for a while? What materials can we do without for now? Where else can we buy the same thing? ARG!!! And what really sucks? I’m the lowest paid, highest seniority of the upper management echelon.

Maybe it’s just time to move on. I hate to say that because i really love my job. I like what i do (other than recently), i love the people i work with, i love the drive (7 miles, who can beat that?!). I DON’T like my paycheck, and i DON’T like feeling like the only one who cares around here. So, i don’t know. In the long run, do the pros really outweigh the cons? I don’t have retirement befefits or dental insurance, but at least i have health insurance for my husband and myself. Can i really do better? It’s an awful scary thing to find a new job.



What to do? What to do!?!!?!!?


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