the good stuff

A few weeks ago a colleague came to work in tears. Her daughter’s high school graduation was just a few weeks away and she had hardly anything planned. She had ordered graduation announcements from the same company that did her older son’s announcements. But, when she picked them up, they looked awful. She brought them to work to see what our opinion was, maybe she was being hypersensitive. Seriously, they looked like a 9 year old hastily created them in 20 minutes and printed them on an old inkjet printer. I offered to re-do them for her since i like to tinker with those sorts of things. She gave me her daughter’s senior picture on a Friday and asked me to tinker if i had time, if not don’t worry about it, please don’t feel you have to, etc. They would be addressing envelopes that weekend and if i couldn’t do anything, they would just send what they had.

Well, i tinkered a little and printed some pretty nice looking invitations on my laser printer on nice cardstock that printed her picture nicely. It really was not a big deal. I enjoy doing that stuff and like helping friends out even more. I brought them to work on Monday and she loved them. she offered to pay, but i adamently refused. She had already paid for invitations and it’s not like i had to purchase anything. All i had invested was my time and i enjoyed doing it for her.

Fast forward to today and surprise, surprise, i find an envelope on my desk from her. She snuck out early so i didn’t even get a chance to talk to her, but inside the envelope was a beautiful note of appreciation and a gift certificate. She wrote that “no matter how bad a day can be you are always the contstant bright spot and inspiration in mine. That’s the good stuff.” Wow. It’s nice to know that despite all the crap going on in your head or in your personal life that you still have the power to make someone else’s day better. You serve a bigger purpose than what you may believe.


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