Busy weekend

Good News!! Hubby’s grandpa is out of the critical care unit and is receiving medication to stabilize his blood pressure. The plan is for him to come home tomorrow. YAY!!!!

Switching gears, Saturday will mark day 28 of this cycle. The past few months that i’ve been taking progesterone, i haven’t made it to 28 days – i always started early. So, my trying-not-to-be-hopeful thinking is that if i can make it to Friday without any event, there is a good possibility i could be pregnant. I’m really trying not to think about it. Just happened to take a mental note of the length of my cycle thus far when i was noting my medication on the chart.

On another note, hubby worked over at my parent’s house all weekend. My dad is building a pole barn and my hubby could not be more excited to help. This is kinda cool cuz my hubby has never really expressed much interest in anything my parents do. I’m hoping this will be a good bonding experience for hubby and my dad. So far, so good.

We celebrated my mum’s birthday on Saturday. I made a cake and brought it over. All my brothers came over and we celebrated with pizza and cake. Sounds like a little kid party, but everyone was tired from working on the barn all day. My brother got a new puppy last week and brought him over. So cute!! Holding a cute little puppy made me want one, but i’d rather have a 2-legged puppy if you know what i mean.

Sunday i worked most of the day on generated invoices for hubby’s business. We only send our customer’s invoices once a month, so usually the last day of the month is crazy for me. The final tally was encouraging, and only a small handful of customers have outstanding balances. We are making some pretty big strides financially. We went out to dinner the other night and reminisced on how far in debt we were just a year and a half ago and the progress we’ve made. I pray that we can keep up the pace as far as income goes, but when you depend on the weather you can never stop and take a breath. This October will mark our halfway point in the credit counseling service we signed up with. One step at a time we are regaining our life. Although the economy makes me nervous, i have faith that God will not let us encounter a situation we can’t handle. We’ve pretty much encountered it all by now. We’ve learned our lesson and are in the process of paying the price. I see the finish line and i’m not taking my eyes off of it!


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