much ado about nothing

Wow. So much has happened in the past few weeks, i hardly know where to begin.

With the good stuff, of course. Hubby and i went to a family wedding in Tennessee last weekend. At the last minute, okay two days before, hubby decided to make a vacation out of it. Seriously?! Hooray! I desperately needed a vacation, but didn’t really want to pony up the cash. Don’t worry about it, he says. We NEVER go on vacation. We’ll figure it out. So off we went.

We went to Myrtle Beach for 2 days before heading to Tennessee. We did some internet homework late Wednesday night and found some great deals on hotels and left late late Friday night. Myrtle Beach was awesome – but HOT. We went parasailing! Something i’ve never done before but always thought looked like a blast. And it was!

Tennessee was still hot, but a beautiful wedding. I really really love the south. The people are so friendly and the landscape is just so beautiful. Everything seems just a little bit slower, more relaxed. I would move there in a heartbeat – if i could move my house and family with me. And set up the same way. Hubby’s parents across the street and grandparents next door. My parents and brothers would all need to be there too.

The church was beautiful. Huge. The people there – awesome. Wish we had a church like that back home. The ceremony was the most beautiful and touching i’ve ever seen.

Then, we came home and i went back to work. Not. Fun. Apparently, shit hit the fan while i was gone. Everything went crazy. Suppliers shut us off, customer rejected parts (like 5,000 of them) due to quality issues that, crazy, go back to February. Suppliers raised their prices on petroleum based products (ie: vinyl, plastic) which is pretty much everything we buy. Oy. Why didn’t i just stay in the mountains and live in a cave?

Oh, and my goals? Not so much. Pretty much back at square one. No ovulation this month. No lottery winfall. No raise. No bonus. No new and exciting (and profitable) opportunity knocking at my door. No budge on the scale. No good.

Back to the drawing board…


Worth Something

Ever have one of those days where you just feel like a big old dirty floor mat? Ya, me too. Lately it seems like everywhere i go, i get run over.

At work, i’m seriously underpaid. I know, i know. Everyone feels that way. But seriously, i am making 12k less than i should be. That’s a pretty big chunk. Especially when they hire new people to work at or below me for the salary i should be making. WTF? How can a new person that.i.have.to.train make 12k more than me? Here’s my sign…

At home, everybody wants me to be their slave. And i don’t even have kids! Seriously, we live here together, don’t leave me a chore list. i know what needs to be done. and after i’m done working at my 2.5 jobs everyday? i’m tired. leave me alone. Even my mother gets upset with me whenever i don’t jump up and do her a favor. And she doesn’t even live here. Nor does she have any kind of outside employment. I need a vacation…

Something needs to change. Either a new job, or a new industry, or a new attitude. Something’s gotta give.



It’s official. We will be having a summer shutdown afterall. The question is for how long: 2 weeks or 4? The OEM we ship to recently announced that they will be having an extended shutdown for 4 weeks this summer due to stagnant auto sales. Okay, that’s cool, right? Not so much. This equates to 4 weeks of no sales for us. Not good. We were already starting to experience some cash flow issues with launch. Now is when things are really going to start getting interesting. The owner has already made it very clear that he will not infuse or loan any cash to get us through the stretch between launch and receiving payments from our customers. So basically we’ve been surviving on accounts payable. Good thing i’ve done such a great job establishing a good credit record for this company. Now i get to watch all that hard work smash to pieces as i’m sure we will be on COD with a majority of our suppliers by the end of summer due to the payments that are not yet late but surely will be. And the credit rating that i’ve worked so hard to revive over the past 3 years? poof. gone.

Maybe automotive isn’t for me…