It’s official. We will be having a summer shutdown afterall. The question is for how long: 2 weeks or 4? The OEM we ship to recently announced that they will be having an extended shutdown for 4 weeks this summer due to stagnant auto sales. Okay, that’s cool, right? Not so much. This equates to 4 weeks of no sales for us. Not good. We were already starting to experience some cash flow issues with launch. Now is when things are really going to start getting interesting. The owner has already made it very clear that he will not infuse or loan any cash to get us through the stretch between launch and receiving payments from our customers. So basically we’ve been surviving on accounts payable. Good thing i’ve done such a great job establishing a good credit record for this company. Now i get to watch all that hard work smash to pieces as i’m sure we will be on COD with a majority of our suppliers by the end of summer due to the payments that are not yet late but surely will be. And the credit rating that i’ve worked so hard to revive over the past 3 years? poof. gone.

Maybe automotive isn’t for me…


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