Worth Something

Ever have one of those days where you just feel like a big old dirty floor mat? Ya, me too. Lately it seems like everywhere i go, i get run over.

At work, i’m seriously underpaid. I know, i know. Everyone feels that way. But seriously, i am making 12k less than i should be. That’s a pretty big chunk. Especially when they hire new people to work at or below me for the salary i should be making. WTF? How can a new person that.i.have.to.train make 12k more than me? Here’s my sign…

At home, everybody wants me to be their slave. And i don’t even have kids! Seriously, we live here together, don’t leave me a chore list. i know what needs to be done. and after i’m done working at my 2.5 jobs everyday? i’m tired. leave me alone. Even my mother gets upset with me whenever i don’t jump up and do her a favor. And she doesn’t even live here. Nor does she have any kind of outside employment. I need a vacation…

Something needs to change. Either a new job, or a new industry, or a new attitude. Something’s gotta give.


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