Goals that are not written down are just wishes

Lately i’ve been doing a lot of self evaluation. I’m not the person i wanted to be, life didn’t turn out the way i thought it would. When i was little, i thought that being a grown up was “it”. I could be whatever i wanted to be, do whatever i wanted to do, look however i wanted to look. I really believed that i could control my destiny, my life. Turns out, shit happens.

Without sounding horribly pessimistic, let me explain. Growing up, all i ever heard was “you can be anything you want to be, all you have to do is set your mind to it”. My generation had no boundries like my parents and ancestors did. Girls could wear pants to school, it was okay for girls to be smart, we were encouraged to attend college and be all that you can be. There are no limitations on career of choice, if you choose. This certainly gives you the perception that you are in the driver’s seat of life.

What they don’t tell you is there are stop signs, road blocks, detours, and heavy construction along the way. Such is life. And that’s okay. But i feel like i’ve fallen asleep at the wheel. My foot has eased off the gas pedal and my hands have slipped from the wheel. I’m just a passenger at the mercy of the vehicle, the road. And that sucks.       

So, inspired my one of my favorite magazines, Inc., i have decided to make a list of goals and accomplishments that i would like to reach in my lifetime. Since that’s a really long time, let’s narrow it down to, say, 40-45 years old. I don’t want this to sound like a bucket list. Just a list of goals that would help me feel like i’m back in the driver seat. Although i have been working at a few of my goals pretty steadily the past few months, i haven’t gained much ground. I’m looking for motivation, encouragement. Publishing my list of goals will help – i think. So here it is. I haven’t put much thought into it. In fact, i thought i would make a list 1 – 10 and leave it on my desk and as ideas came to me i would write them down. I figured it would take me days. Much to my surprise, 5 minutes later i had 10 things written down. Apparently i have many goals in life and these were the first 10 to come to mind. So, without further due, here they are.

Lifetime Goals (okay at least by 40)

1. lose at least 50 lbs and keep it off

2. have 3-4 kids

3. be financially independant – be able to live comfortably on only 1 salary

4. no credit card debt, no short term debt

5. Have $50,000 in savings

6. own my own business doing something i love

7. if i don’t own my own business, at least work someplace that i love. A place i look forward going to every morning.

8. take a 1-2 week vacation every year doing something new and exciting

9. have an established retirement account that i contribute to weekly

10. Have a better relationship with God and serve my family

So, there it is. Now that it’s out, i can move to the next step of coming up with a plan to acheive each of the goals. My rationale is this: If i don’t publish the list, then i will only ever have a list in my mind. Once the list is published, that means that it’s complete and the logical next step is to start working on them. Otherwise, the list in my mind will always be a list, ever changing, ever evolving based on current situations.

On to the next step…


1 thought on “Goals that are not written down are just wishes”

  1. I’ve seen good results in my own life by making goals. One of my fav quotes is this: “Goals are dreams with deadlines.” I’ve found that to be so true. And it has helped my achieve some things that I really didn’t expect to. One thorn in my side though has been the losing weight one. I guess the fact that I keep having babies doesn’t really help that very much! hehe 🙂

    Good luck with achieving all of your goals!!!

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