All bad news

My husband called with some bad news this morning. His grandpa’s sister passed away. She had the same cancer that hubby’s grandpa has. It’s worth mentioning that she lived with it for 10 years. She was 90 years young.

Over the weekend, hubby told me that grandpa’s doctor suggested that he get hospice. They didn’t, but i’m very worried about his health. The doctor also said that he is too weak to start chemotherapy.

Also, over the weekend, hubby’s mom stopped by. She works in purchasing for an automotive supplier. There are 5 people in her department. A girl she works with, a good friend, decided to quit after enduring bad treatment from the head manager. She has no other job and no plans. Not only that, all of the work she was doing has now been transferred to my MIL. So, at a time when she needs to spend every free moment with her very sick father, she needs to concentrate on learning a new program and increased workload under the thumb of a spiteful & unsympathetic head manager.

What a horrible weekend.


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