a looooooooooong way, baby!

YAY!!! As of Friday, my hubby and i will be exactly 50% through our debt management plan! It seems like it’s been a lifetime, but we’ve knocked off 2 years of payments. Just 2 more to go. This is when things really get exciting. Some loans will be paid off about January, so our monthly payments will be decreased. Another YAY!!! These monthly payments have been as much as our house payment. Also, this half of the loan will pay off more $$$ in principal, and less $$$ in interest so our balances will start to fall faster.

We really have a lot to be thankful for. Over the past 2-3 years we have endured a lot of financial hardship and other trials and tribulations, but today we focus on how far we’ve come. Our mortgage was modified to an affordable rate/payment. We have paid off several small loans. We are halfway through the remainder of our credit card debt. There are 2 loans that will be paid off just after Christmas. We’ve come a looooong way, baby!

In spite of all the other crap in our lives, let’s be thankful for this.

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