Birthday Week

Sunday kicked off birthday week in our house. Nomally, my hubby and i don’t like to make a big deal about birthdays. We both hate being the center of attention and would rather not have anybody make a fuss about us. But, hubby has verbalized his fear that his grandpa will pass away this week. This week also marks their 58th wedding anniversary. I’ve been praying for God to please let us have a good week with him. Please don’t take him home this week.

Knowing that hubby has been extra-sensitive lately, i decided to make birthday week extra special this year. Birthday week? Yes, hubby’s dad decided a few years ago (on his birthday of course) that one day of celebration is just not sufficient. The whole week around your birthday should be special. Favorite meals, extra favors, birthday cake of choice, and get-togethers. Well, of course we teased him about it, but somehow it stuck. So, now our family celebrates birthday week.

Anyway, i kicked off birthday week with his favorite cupcakes last night. I think tomorrow i’ll make him lemon cookies. (gross!) It’s tradition that the birthday boy/girl chooses the kind of birthday cake they would like and birthday dinner. Cakes must be made from scratch. Nothing can be store-bought. Silly traditions, but meaningful nonetheless.

Yesterday was the fire department’s annual pancake breakfast. Hubby had been protesting the FD all week. With all the drama and stress going on at home with grandpa, finances, work, infertility, etc he’s been a little testy and some people/events that normally wouldn’t have created an issue have somehow struck a nerve. As of Saturday night he was still steadfast that he would not be attending the breakfast. Well, that night we went out with friends and had a great time. He loosened up a little bit and i took that opportunity to bring up the FD breakfast. I told him (feeling good) in front of our friends (super supporters) that he has to go. The boy scouts were going to be there, which meant my youngest brother would be there. I told him that my brother really looked up to him as well as the rookies on the department. He HAD to go. These people saw him as a role model and he had a duty to be a good example. I told him he can go back to being mad at 1:00, but he HAD to go.

Well, we didn’t get home until 12:30am and set the alarm for 6am. Surprisingly, he jumped right out of bed with the alarm and jumped in the shower. It’s important to note here that he NEVER gets up with the alarm. I usually have to roll out of bed and shut it off and then throw cold water on him to get him up. Needless to say, i was extremely happy. He did a wonderful job and i think he even enjoyed himself a little bit. They had a record turnout which meant everyone was busy and noboby could complain about slackers.

Last night we took the skid steer over to my parent’s house for my dad to use. He surprised hubby with a thank-you card and gift for all his much-appreciated help on the barn and use of our equipment. Hubby hates gifts but actually smiled when he opened it. A door knob with keypad entry for his barn. Extremely thoughtful. Hubby’s been wanting one for a long time and mentioned it a long, long┬átime ago. My parents not only remembered, but bought it for him in appreciation. Hubby was embarassed. He didn’t help because he wanted a gift. He really enjoys building and had a blast just being able to help. They really didn’t need to get him anything, but it’s the thought that counts.

Despite hubby’s bad feelings about his grandpa, i am going to try my damndest to make this the best week ever for him. He’s already off to a good start with the FD pancake breakfast going well and his favorite cupcakes. I need to keep up the momentum and find/do something special for him everyday.

PS – i actually ovulated last week!! Keep your fingers and toes crossed. My next period is due the day after my birthday. A positive PT would be the best birthday surprise ever!