What now?

Ever have one of those days when you think it couldn’t possibly get any worse? Let me tell you about my weekend.

On Friday, the owners announced that we would be shutting the doors – indefinately. Effective today. So, yeah. They called us about 1:30 Friday afternoon. The plant manager and i had to break the news to everyone. That was fun. I’m at work today, but only to assist in transferring the tooling and inventory to the new supplier and button up accounting issues.

Friday afternoon i grab the mail when i get home and i see that the dresses i ordered came in. Yay! I ordered these dresses last week anticipating an upcoming funeral and i don’t have any clothes appropriate to wear to the funeral of a close family member. So, i open the bag and see 2 lovely black dresses and 1 light sand colored dress. Are you kidding me? So, i called the store and 45 minutes later they agreed to overnight express a replacement. Thanks, how kind of you to fix your mistake. They weren’t going to, but i explained it was for a funeral and i think i guilted her into being nice.

Funeral? No, one has not been planned yet. Well, it has, sort of. Grandpa is still with us, albeit not doing very well. It was a grueling weekend caring for him and watching him deteriorate. This morning we had a scare, but he’s still here. Grandma has been mentioning plans that she would like when the time comes. It will be a lovely service.

Saturday i showered and was getting dressed when i decided that the new earrings hubby gave me for my birthday would make me feel better. Did i mention that my birthday was last week? Anyway, i had already worn them a few times with no trouble but today when i tried to put them in, one of them broke.

Sunday i felt like crap and really took my time finishing laundry. Later that afternoon when i started my period i knew why i felt like crap, and then felt even worse. Getting my period meant i wasn’t pregnant. And although we’ve been really trying and i really thought this month was it – it wasn’t. In light of everything else going on, maybe this was a good thing. Pregnant with no insurance and looking for a job is not a good place to be.

*Heavy Sigh*

Lord please give me strength.

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