end of an era…

A legend has passed. Hubby’s grandpa passed away about a week or so ago. The funeral was beautiful, and exhausting. It was the fastest and slowest 3 days i’ve ever had. I was asked to arrange the picture boards, and i was honored to do it. Hubby was one of the pallbearers, and honored to do it. It has been very hard for him, but is taking it better than i thought he would.

Gathering and arranging the pictures was a much harder job than i imagined. I had the pictures, that was the easy part. It was hard to look back over the years and see him when he was so healthy. He had been sick for so long that i had forgotten what he used to look like. It was very sad, and a relief all at once. It was a relief to know that he wasn’t suffering any more. He’s up in heaven with his parents and sister and son and he’s happy and healthy again.

Grandma is doing better than imagined. The day grandpa died, grandma and the girls and hubby left to go to the funeral home to make arrangements. I volunteered to stay and tell hubby’s cousin, who left hours ago and didn’t know. While they were gone, we disassembled the hospital bed and took all the equipment and everything out to the barn to get picked up. We scrubbed the carpet and put the furniture back to normal. By the time everyone got home, the house was back to “normal”. I thought that would be better for Grandma, and she was very appreciative. She was hoping that would be done, it was just too hard to look at.

At work, we’ve officially closed the doors. My time is now spent wrapping up loose ends and closing accounts. It sucks. The really strange part is that i feel at peace about it. I have no explanation for that. As a person who craves security and vowed to never go through what we went through financially 2 years ago, i’m not in a panic about this. I fully understand the state of the economy and that  our state ranks #1 in the country for unemployment, and yet, i’m not anxious. Inherently, i know that God provides. Every door closed is an opportunity for a bigger and better door to open. Or take you down another path. God has a plan for me, i just don’t know what it is.

A couple of chapters have closed in our lives. I’ve got to believe that just means a brand new chapter is about to begin, and maybe we’ll introduce some new characters…