God’s mysterious plan

Hubby and i just finished a nice dinner of meatballs and mashed potatos and corn and gravy. As i’m cleaning up hubby tells me that his dad has been on his case. Why? I ask. Apparently hubby’s mom wants hubby to get the farm up and running again. Are you kidding me? Why? He has no more answers, and i confess a little secret to him. Just the other day i was thinking – it was more of just a fleeting thought – that it might be nice to have a few beef cows, for extra money. We have everything we need, just need to take back the land that his uncle has been leasing from grandpa and cut our own hay. There’s plenty of land, the barns are still in good shape. In fact, there are cows out there now, they just belong to his uncle.

Now, i realize that God has a plan for each of us. We usually don’t know what it is, or how or where it will play out, but there is definately a purpose for each of our lives. I’ll admit that i’ve been pretty depressed lately about losing my job. But i never lost hope. Afterall, his grandpa was just a dairy farmer and his grandma a secretary. And yet, they are better off than anybody i know. They worked hard and made smart decisions. I’ve learned so much from them and i have so much more to learn.

I’ve told you all that to get to the point of my story. Back in high school when hubby and i were just dating, his grandpa was still farming. Hubby worked part time for a local lawn company and all his spare time was spent helping his grandpa bale hay. I thought that was just the greatest thing in the world. I admired hubby for his strong work ethic, loyalty to his family, and he looked really good throwing those bales around. Anyway, i always hoped that someday he would take over his grandpa’s farm and we could live a happy little farm life. Grandpa, it turned out, thought that hubby wouldn’t be able to make it in today’s commercial farm world where you go big or you go home. The measly 300 acres he had couldn’t turn a big enough profit to make a living and support a young family. Hubby went out to make his mark in the world and started his own lawn maintenance company and snow removal company. I went off and got a job in the corporate world and earned my bachelor’s degree. We tried (and are still trying) to etch our mark on the world, but things haven’t been going as planned.

Almost 8 years later, we are struggling to make ends meet, we don’t have any children, and i’m losing my job. It’s pretty much the farthest thing from the american dream. But, i’ve always tried to make the best of it. We may not have kids yet, but thank God because we can’t even afford ourselves. We had to learn some serious financial lessons and thankfully we didn’t have to drag kids through that fire. As far as the jobs go, maybe we were really meant to live the farm life afterall. What a crazy journey to get us here, but we’ve definately learned some valuable lessons.

I don’t know what the future holds, or what God’s plans for us are. But, i will be praying that God will reveal His plan to us. And that we would listen and follow His instructions. Perhaps all this time i’ve been trying to listen for the answer i wanted to hear and not the answer God intended for me. Or, maybe this was the plan all along and things are finally falling into place. In God’s time.