Hunting Season

Gun hunting season (for deer) officially opened this past Saturday in our State. I just got in the game today. Job hunting that is!! This week i realized that there is no hope for this place. The owners are engaging less and less and obviously moving on to other things. The plant manager and i are the only ones here and seemingly the only ones taking care of business. So, this morning i decided that i want to continue receiving a paycheck and insurance benefits in the future.

I posted my resume online. I realize that there aren’t a lot of jobs out there. The few jobs there are have a LOT of applicants. But, i’m never going to get anywhere unless i try. I sent my resume to about 20 places today. Tomorrow, i’ll send some more. I have to be careful with myself. I’ll send one or two resumes and then get in a depressed mode and start downplaying my resume and applying to lower level positions. Although i am willing to accept a lower level position if i have to, i don’t think i should start there.

I’m praying that the perfect job for the right salary will find it’s way to me. Since i make so little right now, i’m not worried about taking a hit on the paycheck. I’m just very concerned about the insurance.

Cross your fingers!!