Summer is finally here!

I love summer!

This weekend was beautiful. The weather was perfect, and it was nice to open the windows and go outside. Since hubby’s grandpa passed away, grandma has been busying herself with all sorts of chores. Cleaning, painting, updating, replacing, nothing is off limits. She’s 81, so she can’t do everything, and what she can’t do, she makes a list. For us.

I love her as though she were my own grandma, but after this weekend, i am worn out! I’m glad we just live next door and are able to help her. This weekend i weed whipped around all the barns and around the barnyard while hubby and his mum helped grandma mulch her flower beds. Later, hubby pulled out tree stumps from the trees the tornado blew down. Hubby and his dad looked at the windows that need to be fixed and ordered the parts. I promised grandma i’d help her paint the barns – another weekend. Weed whipping doesn’t sound like a big chore, but it literally took me all day. It hadn’t been done at all this year and there are 7 barns, a barnyard, and a loooooooooooooooong ditch. And a ton of equipment parked out in the yard. i was hopeful all my hard work would pay off when i hoped on the scale this morning. But, one measly pound is all i lost.

Hubby has been very successful in landing some additional contracts for the summer. This is good, since i am making considerably less. I am only working 3 days a week, and i promised hubby i would work for him 2-3 days a week. This will keep our payroll down, and help me get in shape. It was pretty tough the first few days, but i’m getting use to it. the physical work is good for me.

The wives of the firefighters have decided to come together and form an auxiliary. Everyone felt that the department is in need of a boost and help bring everyone together like a family. So, surprisingly, all but 2 of the wives are on the same page and excited, no, ecstatic! to work together as one big happy family. We’ve only had 2 meetings, but the reception from the guys is very positive and they have already started to act more brotherly to one another.

Still looking for a new job. Not a whole lot of prospects in this dismal state. We have the highest unemployment rate in the nation and with Chrysler and most likely GM filing bankruptcy, it’s only going to get worse.

I sent my resume for a position that i’m very interested in, and think i may have a shot at. It’s non-manufacturing and non-automotive. I received a call last week from them looking for references. Out of the 10 people they are checking references on, 5 will get interviews. Cross your fingers!

Still no real progress on the weight loss or conceiving, but i believe it’s in the works. I’m a much happier person than i was even 6 months ago, and things are really looking up in a lot of areas. I’ve been trying to convince myself that i wasn’t that stressed out about finances, work, etc. But, since i’ve been getting caught up on bills and actually starting to pay things off, and buying discretionary things like clothes, it feels like a huge heavy black cloud is lifting.

I won’t be able to rest easy until all bills are current and we have extra at the end of the month, but we are making progress. I am making progress. I feel almost like the old me again.