Choose the path less traveled by…

Hard to believe it’s been a year since my last post! So much has happened in that time. Good stuff.

I’ve recently come to realize that so many of the posts on here have been of me bitching and whining. Hindsight is 20/20 and now I can see I was looking at the situation all wrong. In every situation you have choices. Sometimes our fears and¬†insecurities prevent us from seeing any other door than the one we just came through.

I started a new job this past September. It’s far from a glamorous job, and well below my earning potential. BUT, it is 1 mile from my house, and it’s basically a brand new company. Three guys with their own similar companies merged into one company to save costs and price their goods more competitively.

I don’t hate my job. It’s just that i’ve become bored. I work in the office as the receptionist/accounting/human resources/purchasing/sales assistant person. Yup. It’s me and the owners, and because it is a small company I wear many hats. Since late December I’ve only been working 24-30 hours a week. Oh, and I should mention that I took a pretty significant pay cut from my previous job. To the tune of $5/hour less. Um, and i have to pay significantly more for our health insurance. Ya, $137/week. That’s right. A week. With the combined formula of less pay per hour, less hours, and more insurance contribution, I bring home less than $300/week. I have not made this little money since high school.

For someone who was barely making ends meet, bring home more than $200/week less is a traumatizing thought.

But i’ve come to realize that i have 2 choices that i can clearly see.

1) Find a new job.

2) Grow this company.

It’s a scary thought, but I have the skill-set to grow and expand the company i’m currently with. And it’s probably easier than finding a new job in this depressed economy.

So, here’s to spreading my wings.