Rock Bottom?

Attention passengers and crew; this is your captain speaking. We are in our final descent to our destination Rock Bottom. Please remain seated and leave your pride in the overhead compartment, you won’t recognize it when we do finally land. You may pick up your shovels in the baggage claim area. Enjoy your stay here, although I hope’s it’s brief. Thank you for flying American Recession. Please empty what little is left in your pockets as you disembark. Good day.

Yup. We’re here.

So the gas was shut off on Monday and the power was shut off yesterday.  The mortgage payment bounced and the banks are closed today. My vehicle is experiencing electrical problems and the license plate tags are expired on all the trucks. Health insurance premiums will be increased 18% starting Jan. 1. Christmas is approaching fast. Okay, so that’s the bad news. Is there any good news?

The good news is hubby handled the disconnects with the utility companies. Power and gas are both on as of today. He announced he will now be handling the bills. Hallelujah! It really really really sucks to go to bed in the dark and freezing cold, but if it means hubby will finally get on the financial train than it was worth it.

So much more to tell. Tomorrow.


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