Looking Ahead

Hubby is in the lawn maintenance/snow plowing business. He started in high school and has steadily built up the business over the past decade or so. Overall, he’s been pretty successful. There have been some rough patches, of course, but he’s never given up the dream.

Until last year, he had a business partner for the snow end of the business. There just was not enough capital or manpower for him to go it alone. That business was pretty successful and they purchased a lot of equipment. Last year they split and split the equipment. It was the first winter hubby was on his own and did fairly well. We weren’t able to knock out any debt, but we maintained.

This year, he’s been aggressively knocking on doors and wearing the buttons off his phone. Literally. He had to replace his cell phone because the little ball thing kept falling out.

So, far it seems that his efforts will pay off. Well, eventually.

With the contracts he has secured for this season, i calculated the estimated sales based on last year’s number of plowable events. It’s slightly more than double last years sales.

*blink*   *blink*

I double checked the numbers and re-calculated. Yup, no mathmatical errors.


I do believe we are going to have a fabulous winter. This also means we will have additional expenses, but we can creatively get through that.

Let it snow!

Let it snow!

Let it snow!  🙂


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