the BIG picture

It is just beginning to flurry out. YAY!!!!

Maybe, just maybe, we can get some plowing/salting done, billed, and paid before Christmas. THAT would be awesome!

Although times are tough and we are struggling, I have a really good feeling about this upcoming year. I just really think things are going to start turning around. I have a good feeling about the loan modification that is in process. I have a good feeling that work is going to pick up. We have paid down a lot of debt in the past 4 years, this past year especially, and are nearing the end. 2011 will be the end of many debts – including the dump truck. Finally, FINALLY, we will be able to lead normal lives again!

And it’s not that i want to go on glamorous shopping sprees, or spend recklessly. I want to catch up some basic maintenance around the house. Paint the downstairs. Fix the basement stairs. Mulch the flower beds. Yikes, they are the worst. And maybe save up for some wants. New mattresses. New laptop. Ours died over the summer and we’ve been using the dinosaur desktop. It works, but good lord is it sloooooooow.

That’s pretty much it.

I want to visit freely with family without their generous and much appreciated loan hanging over us like a personal storm cloud. I want to back to church, since i’ll be able to tithe again. I want to work in my flower gardens without thinking about what we can’t afford to do. I want to plant flowers. Though this year i think we’ll try from seeds instead. I want to be able to take a weekend or two getaway with hubby and/or friends. I want to re-focus on the BIG picture.

I really, really believe that next year the BIG picture will finally start to come into focus…


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