Spinning My Wheels

So hubby and I were going over some business stuff last night to see what the winter is going to look like. Looks like things will finally be going our way! Of course, all of this depends on the weather. But if we only consider the addition and losses of accounts, our winter sales should double from last year. YAY!!!!

Hubby went off to work in the barn and i pulled up the budget for 2011. With the expenses we have reduced already and guesstimating at a mortgage modification, we should finally land in the black at the end of most months. Of course we will have to continue to watch our spending and be diligent about setting aside money for the leaner months. I’ve decided NOT to let hubby in on that strategy. Money burns holes in his pockets and if he knows we have it he finds “needs” to spend it on.

Though the future looks promising, it’s the getting there that gives me anxiety. Hubby put a lot of time and effort into landing new contracts. But that won’t pay off for months. I am taking a class to get my EMT license. But that won’t pay off for months. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not looking for immediate gratification. I know that hard work sometimes takes a while to pay off. I’m just saying the waiting is tough.

I’ve been dropping nuggets to the hubby lately about the need to start saving for retirement. I know, i know. We should have started this 10 years ago. Can’t change the past, but i can control what we do from here on. My employer does not offer any kind of retirement, so we are all on our own. I’m hesitant to pay a financial advisor at this point because we don’t have much to invest. And, as of today, I have nothing to invest so it doesn’t matter anyway. 

It’s so encouraging to be able to finally think about what to do with our money. For the past 4-5 years there was nothing to think about. Everything that came in went out immediately in the form of a payment. The only thing we had to think about was which bill was more important to pay first.

As though emerging from a deep, dark winter, i can finally see the sun rising. Can’t see the sun yet, but the skies are lighter and the sun is just over the horizon….


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