Where does the time go?

Christmas is in just over a week! Yikes! Where has the time gone?

I got my fire check in the mail yesterday. Deposited it this morning and am ready to go finish Christmas shopping. There are only a few items i need, but they are all higher ticket items. Hopefully i have enough $$…

Hubby has class tonight and i have a meeting at 9. Can’t go shopping until at least tomorrow i guess. I think i will work on Christmas cards and put up the tree. Yup, haven’t even done that yet! Usually, it’s done the weekend of Thanksgiving. I’m so thankful to be working full time and am really enjoying my EMT class, but Christmas is passing me by in a blur. I am sad that i am not taking the time to enjoy and celebrate the reason for the season.

The bank called and said they need more paperwork. Of course they do. I hate their game, but gotta play it i guess. Hubby suggested resending everything that they have required to date in one package. Not a bad idea. Then they can’t say they are missing portions of it. Like they always do. And? If you’re willing to stay on the phone long enough while they “look” for it, eventually they do. But then they just make up more stuff that they need.

Okay, getting a little more in the Christmas spirit! Off to make a list of card addresses!


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