Merry Almost Christmas

Much to my chagrin, it looks like I will be finishing my Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve this year. Ugh. Fortunately, I will be receiving a small bonus from my employer this year. That helps alleviate the sting. And I will be enjoying 4 PAID days off the week following Christmas.

The week off will give me ample opportunity to declutter my mind and home. Things I would like to accomplish during my time off:

  1. File away this pitiful year
  2. Re-organize my home office and filing system
  3. Re-organize how i handle unpaid bills. Any ideas? For now, mail is opened, looked at, thrown in a pile and shipped upstairs to form a new pile on the desk where it sits until i either a) pay and file it or b) get a late notice, dig it out, pay and file it. I’m thinking it’s not such a good system 😦
  4. Button up my 2011 Budget
  5. Get way ahead on EMT homework
  6. Get MFR stuff organized (payroll, PCR’s, Schedule)
  7. Work on MFR training for 2011
  8. Work on Truck Book for Ambulance
  9. Make and freeze lots of lunches/dinners
  10. Clean house top to bottom
    Here’s to hoping i get it all accomplished… Cheers!

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