Getting Organized

After much research and thought, I’ve settled on a “solution” to my paper clutter piles. When i bring the mail in, i immediately go through it and throw away the junk. Then everything is piled up and thrown in a pile on the counter. But now, i will set up folders to sort the mail into, and they will live peacefully in this pretty basket on my kitchen counter until i do something with them.

The folders will be labeled:

  • Bills to be paid by the 15th
  • Bills to be paid by the 30th
  • Receipts
  • To Do
  • To File

So as paper comes in the door, it is sorted and kept off the counter. I also like this system because it should help pay the bills on time. Even if I only get around to the basket once a week or every other week, I can easily find the bills that are due and get them paid on time without having to re-sort through everything. And? When hubby empties his pockets and leaves it in a pile on the counter, i can quickly sort out the receipts that need to be kept but don’t have time to handle into the appropriate folder until i’m ready.

I am very excited about this new system! Can’t wait for the basket to arrive from Amazon. It was only $16 and i already have the file folders and labels. I just can’t decide if I should color-code the files to correspond with my file cabinet, or keep them all the same color for aesthetic purposes…. hmmmm…..