ER Rounds – Round 2

This weekend was my 2nd rotation of ER clinicals. MUCH better experience! The hospital was considerably larger than the first one and the staff was awesome. I was paired up with an RN and she was great. She is also a paramedic and explained to me how I can help the paramedic in the field with certain procedures. Another nurse was also very kind and asked me to help her with a few things as well. It was a great learning experience to see how patients are “unpackaged” at the hospital. It’s basically the same thing, only in reverse. And only after scans and X-rays, which I got to watch.

The doctors and PA’s were also very nice. Everyone introduced themselves and asked about my history, interests, etc. Many asked if I would go on to be a Paramedic or go into nursing. To be honest, walking around the hospital and seeing all the different jobs there are, the thought did cross my mind. Even if i didn’t go into nursing, there are a ton of other interesting jobs to have in a hospital, or clinic.

At this point in my life, I don’t think I want to go back to school. I have other goals and dreams that I would like to achieve. I want to pay off our debt. I want to have babies. Therefore, i need to structure my life to achieve those dreams. We are well on our way to pay off debt. Even though my job is neither glamorous nor high paying, it is 1.3 miles from home. This allows me to save gas money, lunch money, fancy clothes money. And is pretty stress free. Hubby’s business is really ramping up with some large accounts. So although i’m not “in love” with my job, it’s a steady paycheck, access to insurance, and close to home. It can allow me to focus on losing weight and gaining fertility.

In financial news, tomorrow we are expecting to receive a payment from our largest customer. This payment will allow us to get caught up on quite a few items. I’ve been faithfully honoring the new basket system and it is working out great so far. After this week, our cash flow should stabilize so i can start entering bills in our bank’s online bill pay feature to pay out on the due date. Once and done. Beautiful idea. But gotta have the funds there when the payment comes out, that’s why we couldn’t do it before.

Looking forward to the future. 🙂